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18 Apr 2016

I Imagine a life where I don't have to work every day.
Instead of needing to work I could work because I wanted to or, I could choose
Not tot work because I wanted to.

The society we live in today tells us we are supposed to live life like this:

- Go to college
- Get a Good job
- Get Married
- Take out a loan for school, your wedding, a car, furniture, a house.
- Work hard for 30+ years to pay off all the debt you accumulated
- Maybe you'll have enough to retire and then again, maybe not

The truth is that there is another way to live, You don't have to go the traditional route.
After all you are the one in control of your life, You can do anything you want.

The thing that has been on my mind a lot, and that I have to begun to work toward,
is Investing and creating a passive income so that my time isn't constantly being exchanged for money.
And because I've always had a fascination with Bitcoins, I've really been drilling down on it lately and not only learning more,
But taking action as well!

I think most people could happily live on €50000 per year(if they have no debt)
So I thought it would be a good Idea for you and me to show you one of my ways of making a passive income online.

If you wanted to mine Bitcoin today, you would need expensive mining equipment to mine and It depends on how much you’re willing to spend”.
Each person asking himself this will get a slightly different answer.

But you need to buy and install all the mining equipment and run it 24/7, it will cost a lot of electricity,
plus you would have to calculate whether which coin you will have to mine, to make the most profits.
For most people that is to much of a hassle and they see it impossible to mine Bitcoins or other Altcoins Like Ethereum.

I can tell you those days are history, there are companies now that Have all the mining equipment ready to mine the coin you want.
They will pay all the electricity costs, and will have to make sure their operations run smoothly 24/7.

The website I am talking about has 8 different coins available for you to mine, and they will give you 1500 dogecoins free to start.
The coins that are available to mine are:
Ethereum (new)

You can also deposit most Altcoins and Bitcoin to acquire mining power on the website, You even have options to deposit with Paypal or a Creditcard.
On the website there is a profitability calculator as well A example taken from it.

You deposit 1000$ that is 1470 Mining power on the website, which will give you:

Day: $9.28222762
Week: $64.97559333
1 Month: $278.46682854
3 Months: $835.40048563
6 Months: $1670.80097127
1 Year: $3341.60194253
3 Years: $10024.80582760
5 Years: $16708.00971266

As you can see any deposit you make, you will have a profit after 6 months.
I made A video to explain it all and a link to the website so you can, finally make a account and mine some Bitcoins!


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